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“The skills I picked up in the Forces were remarkably

They really went all out in creating an environment that is enticing as well as attractive and comfortable. That B should be a big hit especially because of its top notch location. The new Half Price in the Willows should do equally well. Tutahifadhi taarifa zako za kibinafsi katika mitambo yetu katika muda wote ule ambao unatumia huduma yetu uliyoiomba, na tunaweza kuziondoa wakati lengo litakapotekelezwa, ama kwa upande wa uanachama wa BBCi utakapoamua kwamba hutaki tena kuendeleza usajili wako kama mwanachama wa BBCi. Hata hivyo kwa sababu za kiusalama, BBC inaweza kuhifadhi data za maandishi ya ujumbe (ikiwa ni pamoja na yaliyomo kwenye ujumbe, majina na wanachama, muda na tarehe) zilizotokana na matumizi ya huduma za jamii za BBCi (BBCi Community) kama vile Connector kwa muda wa miezi sita. Mahali ambako taarifa za kibinafsi zimehifadhiwa kwa ajili ya watu ambao bado hawajasajiliwa, lakini wameshiriki katika huduma nyingine za BBCi (kwa mfano vile mashindano), taarifa hizo zitahifahdiwa kwa kipindi kitakachoonekana kwamba kinafaa ili kuhakikisha kwamba huduma hizo zinaendeshwa vizuri.

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